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John Cruz – Wealthy Affiliate Internet Scammer

Today John Cruz the Internet Scammer wants to talk about not only making money online, but how to take the same exact steps that he claims to have took and how he managed to create a solid income all in under a year. (all lies of course)

From John Cruz @ Can You make money online? Absolutely! I have only been doing business online for a little under a year and within that time frame, I was able to create a solid business from home, from which I make a full-time income online.

Join Now!!

From John Cruz @ aworkathomejobs.comThe best part about all this, is that it will only grow bigger and bigger, and bigger as the days go by! Here is a beginner’s guide on how you too can create a successful business from home.

Step 1: Get Rid of the Negativity

Just so you know, you can definitely make money online and no it does not always have to be multilevel marketing either.

I know that there are literally thousands of scammers out there with worthless products, so please be aware of a couple of things, before you fall for another scam.

  • There is no push button secret to making money online
  • You will not get rich overnight
  • Making money online does require work
  • It does not require you to spend thousands of dollars to make money online

From John Cruz @ aworkathomejobs.comIf a program asks you to pay $2,000 for a program, do not give in. It is nothing more than another MLM in disguise, which will empty your bank account in no time.

It’s totally cool to be skeptical about anything online, but I want to let you know that there are legit ways to make money online and I will show you the absolute best way to do it.

Step 2: Find Your Market, AKA Your Target Audience

Too many people tend to get this backwards and this will do nothing but cause you to become stuck right off the bat.

When you start off with an online business, you want to find your niche. This is nothing more than a SPECIFIC group of people looking for something.

This approach will allow you to pass the thousands of people who fail almost immediately due to their lack of knowledge in this department.

To do this, you simply ask yourself, “what does this group of people want?”. You can do something like this, as this is how I found my first target audience.

  • A group of people looking to lose weight
  • A group of people looking to make money online
  • A group of people looking to better their life


Join Now!!

From John Cruz @ aworkathomejobs.comAlthough this is still too broad, at least you have a general idea of how you can find your market. You can break it down to “a group of people looking for kettle bell exercises”, which is how you would actually break down your niche.

You always want to start off by figuring out a problem people may have, but you still want to stay away from products, for the time being.

This was a big problem for me, and I know it is also a big problem for a lot of online marketers, so consider yourself lucky.

You see how I didn’t say anything about a product or products? It’s simply because most people choose a product and then they don’t know how to get this product out there because they were too busy worrying about what they want to put on their site.

Now that you have chosen your market (group of people), you can now figure out how to get them to your ultimate goal, which is of course to make money.

Step 3: Provide the Solution

This is the backbone of your business and the life of it depends on your solution to these problems, which would be done in the form of an article.

In this step, this is where you can put anything and everything that you want your customers to use, but there is always a right and wrong way to do things.

Can you imagine if you chose a GoPro to start your business off? You would immediately be stuck and have nothing else to talk about.

Now here’s how you would insert this little product into your solution, and yes there are millions of people “Googling” this type of stuff looking for a solution to their problem.

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Problem: “How to choose the best underwater camera?”

Solution: Article on exactly how this is done, with a “recommendation” to an affiliate product of your choice, which of course would be that nice little GoPro that you wanted to start off with in the first place.


Pretty simple huh? Don’t be like the others that choose something specific and think that they’re going to succeed at online marketing, because you’re not.

Step 4: Create Your Foundation – A Website

From John Cruz @ Don’t let this scare you for one second. Trust me, I am no computer geek and I definitely am not the most computer literate dude, but I do make money online and I have created a couple of websites, to include this.

With technology on our side, owning a website is probably going to be the easiest part to the whole make money online process. contact John Cruz the internet scammer

Not only is it going to take you under a minute to do, but you can also get one for free. There are sites like that offer completely free websites, no questions asked.

Choosing a Domain Name

This is one thing people tend to do before they even understand what owning an online business is all about.

Rather than choosing a domain name based on a product, you now can start your selection with a better understanding on what market (not product) you are about to hit.

Unlike most people that focus on products, you can now build your business around a name that will cater to more than just one product.

I always suggest picking something you can brand, rather than focusing on a specific keyword, just so that you can always add other things to your website, which of course will make you more money.

Found your market? Now you can plug it into this handy tool to see if your domain name ( is available.

Join Now!!

Step 5: Creating Content

This is another thing that might discourage most from creating a successful online business, but it is also going to be key to making more money.

I can promise you guys that I am not the best writer, but there is nothing a little practice can’t fix. Just like the oh so very cliche “practice makes perfect”, same thing applies to creating content.

You can always hire a writer, by using services like and They are fairly cheap, but just remember that you get what you pay for.

The concept of content is actually really simple. If you can make money with 1 article, imagine if you have 10 articles making you money. Content is key in this business.

Step 6: Getting Traffic

From John Cruz @ There is no bigger market than what you have right in front of you. You’re online and so is everyone and their mothers. Literally.

Without traffic, you will not make any sales. Simple as that. The thing about working online is that there are many ways that you can get traffic and a lot of it at that.

Creating content is the best way to get traffic,because not only is it really targeted, but it is absolutely free.

Don’t think that you’re going to get ranked in Google in your first week or month as an online marketer, because it most likely isn’t going to happen.

Give it a couple of months, and boy you will be in business. The best part about it, is that it will just keep growing, and growing and growing. You see where I’m going with this?

Paying for Traffic

You can always pay for traffic and this is a great way to make sales sooner. I don’t suggest you do this just yet, but remember that you can pay for traffic, which will put you in front of everyone else.

Once you get the hang of things, you will see how powerful some PPC (pay per click) can do for your business and how much money you can make with it.

Join Now!!

Step 7: Making Money

From John Cruz @ Now that you have your site in place and a couple of articles on there, I think it’s time you can start looking into the money side of things.

Although this is the ultimate goal and what you set out for, but this is something that will only set you back if you focus on this step. Go through the whole process and this part will eventually come around.

With that being said, this is the step where you will make your money and is something that might amaze you.

I’m pretty sure you know someone who buys products from Amazon and Ebay, or you probably do it yourself. I know I do, and I’ve been doing it for years.

Imagine if you directed people from your article (the solution to their problem) straight to another site where they can purchase something that will fix their problem.

Now imagine if 10 people did this. The numbers are ridiculous, but knowing that you will get paid even if they bought something else on that site is even crazier.

The Power of Links

if you don’t know how sales are generated online, they mostly come through an article, which had a nice little link (usually blue words) that directed them to another site.

If this person came from your site that had your unique link in it, you will get a commission on the sale made. If it were from, you will get a commission from anything and everything they bought, which can add up to some crazy numbers. And this is just from one person!

It’s a very simple concept and it absolutely positively works. Do you think these banner ads are as effective as they used to be? Probably not. buy links

These days, we’re so immune to them that we subconsciously block them out. Maybe back in 2005, they may have worked like a charm, but not so much these days.

Making That First Dollar

I remember when I made my first dollar online and how excited I was. To me, this opened me up to believing this whole online marketing works, but to others, that was nothing.

Trust me guys (and gals), I had to deal with the skeptics and it did nothing but push me to make more of these dollars.

From that dollar I went on to make my first $20 and then of course the numbers kept increasing.

It wasn’t until I made my first $1,000 until the people around me realized that this thing more than just works, but I still didn’t care what they thought.

Anyways, just like in step 1, do not let anyone tell you that everything online is nothing but a scam, because they are just too narrow minded to see the big picture.

Join Now!!

Step 8: Invest in Your Future and Get Educated

I know you can absolutely find all the information about making money online and affiliate marketing on the web for free, but trust me, you will not make it if you think you can do this on your own.

I still believe that you need to invest money to make money, but you need to be careful with this one.

Like I said earlier, you DO NOT need to spend thousands of dollars to make money online, so don’t fall for these scammers trying to sign you up so that they can cash in on the thousands you just invested.

There are not many place where you can learn how to do this, without leaving anything out, but I always recommend a program called the Wealthy Affiliate.

Here you can expect to get

  • 1 on 1 support
  • Access to millionaires in the industry (I hope to be there soon)
  • A free trial (no credit card needed)
  • Support 24/7
  • Access to a wonderful community of online marketers
  • Access to the owners of the program

There are other programs out there, but none are as complete as this one, so give it a shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Click Here to try Wealthy Affiliate for Free! – and then be prepared to lose money!!!

Mission Complete

There you have it folks. A complete guide to making money online. I hope this helps you to become a successful online marketer, so that someday you too can kick that 9-5 to the curb and work from home full-time, just like me!

Contact John CruzInternet Scammer

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Essential oils website online marketing make money online

make money essential oils scam rip off review

The business of essential oils is booming. People are interested. They can be a natural remedy for common ailments or used around the the house just because they smell nice. But how exactly do you start a business that taps into this growing trend?

The best way is simply going to be to get online. The internet is the best way to reach out to people who care about the same things you do. Asking friends and family to buy your wares is old-fashioned and frankly can be annoying. If you have a passion for essential oils and their benefits, then you need to reach out to like minded people who share your passion.

The internet is the best place for you to do this. You need to start an online business. As a professional internet marketer that’s been working full time online for five years, I am telling you with 100% confidence that you can make money selling essential oils online.

Not only that, but I will outline a business plan for you on this page. It won’t work for everyone, but it justcan work for you. If you know that you want to start a business in the essential oils or natural medicine industry, and are open to the idea of having your business be 100% online, then keep reading.

Why Essential Oils Is A Great Business To Be In

Over the years, I have done research into hundreds of markets to see where I can possibly make money online. Very rarely do I find one that is as clear cut of an opportunity as with essential oils. Here’s proof.

essential oils trend

Those two lines represent Google searches over the past ten years. The red line is the general trend of “natural remedies”. you can see that it stagnated for a while, but has been slowly growing recently. make money online.

The blue line represents searches related to “essential oils”. Interest quickly ramped up in 2012, and there was an explosion of interest around 2013. There was a slight dip earlier in 2015 but it looks like the market is starting to recover. Even if the trend doesn’t continue to increase over the next few years, that still represents a huge international interest. make money online.

As if you didn’t believe me already, here’s even more proof that RIGHT NOW is the best time to get into this business. Using a special search analyzation tool I use, I can get an approximate number of how many people are making monthly searches for phrases typed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Here was the results:make money online.

Essential oils keywords

Normally, I get excited about an industry of there’s anything over 5000 searches per month. As you can see from the results above, there’s over 206,000 searches every month looking for essential oils. make money online.

Not only that, but there are literally thousands of related searches that you could potentially take advantage of to grow your business (more details below).make money online.

Aside from that hard data, just think about it – how many things can you use essential oils for? Hundreds! They can be used to ease stress, increase happiness, relieve pain…they can even be used as insect repellant or as an additive to your cleaning supplies.

I’m a pretty simple guy and don’t really care about natural remedies or how my fridge cleaner smells. However, I even buy this stuff to put in my diffuser so my house doesn’t smell like a dirty bachelor house when people come over, lol. My personal favorites are peppermint and lavender 🙂 make money online.

That just goes to show you that anyone and everyone is your potential market here – not just moms! Girls, guys, parents, singles, healthy, ill, happy, depressed, elderly people, young people…everyone! It all depends who you want to market to, and who you personally want to reach out and share your passion with.

OK, enough excitement, let’s take a look at a few business models of how you would be able to make money selling or promoting products in this industry.

essential oils business plan

How To Make Money With Essential Oils

You might not be surprised to find out that there are many ways that you can make money with essential oils. I’m going to briefly discuss four of them, and get into detail of the one I’m most familiar with (and most excited about) later in this page. hot images

Network Marketing or Direct Selling

There’s a very good chance you landed on this page because you were researching either Young Living or doTERRA. These are two very big companies in the network marketing industry, and the biggest of the essential oils direct selling companies.

I have no particular opinion on which one is better or worse, and I don’t represent either of the companies. See pics

The basic premise of how you make money with these companies is that you join a group of ‘independent business operators’ (IBOs). In your team, there are certain amounts of sales and earnings shared with the people that recruited you into the company. For example, if your buddy Mary brings you into the company, a percentage of your sales create income for her. If you recruit people into the company, a percentage of their sales will create income for you. view friend request

network marketing team

This is why it’s called “multi level” marketing, because you get paid on different levels.

Personally, this is not an industry I like to get involved in because the products are usually more expensive than what you find in stores and on Amazon. Also, your earnings are very dependent on how many people you recruit for the company. It also means that you are locked into promoting just one company, rather than being objective and choosing the best option for your customers. view friend request

However, some people really enjoy being in the network marketing industry, and they like the team aspect of growing a business with other people. view friend request

White Labeling

This would be where you contact a wholesaler of essential oils, but you create your own ‘brand’ by labeling them as your own. So they create the oils and provide some basic packaging, but you can send them your own logo, and market them as your own.

How you market them is up to you! view friend request

white label

Actually, a lot of brands for familiar products already do this, and you might not know. Did you know you can white label whiskey? Yup. There’s one giant distillery in Indiana that makes generic whiskey, then they ship it out to boutique whiskey sellers who give it a nice package, then they resell it at 3x the price they bought it for!

The moral of the story is that you can do the same thing with essential oils. Buy cheap from the wholesaler, package as your own, then resell them under your own brand. You could sell them out of your home, at a mall kiosk, on Amazon, or even on your own website.

Amazon FBA + eBay

There are quite a few ways to leverage existing websites and make money. One is Amazon FBA. you might not know it, but a lot of what you buy on Amazon is not actually sold by “Amazon” the company. It’s sold by individual people who ship their products to Amazon, then Amazon distributes the products for them. view friend request

Amazon is playing the middleman. Sellers provide their warehouses with products. Amazon provides the storage space, the website maintenance/security for purchase systems, and a vast network of shipping capabilities to get products to customers in a very short amount of time. view friend request

amazon sellers

As a seller and a business, your responsibility is to make sure that you purchase your product at a low enough price that you can resell it on Amazon and still turn a profit after fees, taxes, and other related costs.

Competition could be an issue, since there’s already a lot of products listed there, but competition just means that people are making money, so it’s a healthy market to be in!

Similarly, you could use eBay or Etsy to sell your product. Both are well known sites, with dedicated shoppers. Again, you have to account for listing fees and shipping costs, but ironing out those details will be part of a more specific business plan.

Affiliate Marketing!

This is what I do for a living, and part of the reason I’m so excited about affiliate marketing opportunities in the essential oils industry is that I can actually show you how to make money doing it. Actually, there is a set of training courses available that can show you step by step how to build a business about any passion of yours.make money online.

I used these training courses to build a business about computer software, and was able to quit my job as a teacher after just 18 months of starting my business. My most recent website (on a different topic) was able to generate over $10,000 per month after just 12 months of operation.make money online.

But those were my results, and they are probably pretty boring to you. How YOU can make money is probably more exciting, so let’s talk about that. I’ll talk about the specific details of how to build your business lower on this page, but let me first explain the basics in case you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing.make money online.

Being an affiliate marketer basically means that you’re a freelance advertiser. Many of your favorite companies have free programs you can sign up for to help them advertise online, and you get paid for every sale you make. Here are just 3 examples of the many you can find online and join for FREE. That’s right – there’s no membership fees or required purchases to be an affiliate! make money online.

affiliate program 1

affiliate program 2

affiliate program 3

How much you get paid depends on what you promote, but most companies pay between 5% and 50% of the sale price.

The cool thing about this type of business is that you don’t have to do a lot of stuff that traditional business owners have to deal with.

  • You don’t have to purchase wholesale products
  • You don’t have to keep any inventory
  • You don’t have to worry about credit cards or secure purchases
  • You don’t have to do any customer service
  • You don’t have to deal with return, refunds, or dissatisfied customers

All of that stuff goes through the vendor. You are only responsible for advertising. All you need to do is focus on getting people to the vendor’s website.

There are a few ways to do this, but the cheapest, and the most fun way to do it is to create a website. Website creation is easy these days, and there are tons of push-button website software out there that you can use to create a beautiful looking website to advertise for the companies you work with.

When people click the tracking links on your website and purchase products from the vendor, you get credit! There are more ways to make money from your website (shown below), but this is the basics of how to work with essential oils companies and make money through affiliate marketing.

Using a website to earn income is extremely exciting because your website is online 24/7 and accessible to the entire world! When was the last time you saw a local shop that was open all day and all night and could sell to customers in New York and Los Angeles at the same time?

==> Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business For Free!

Reaching Essential Oil Buyers With A Website

It doesn’t really matter what business model you choose. Without a doubt, the best way to reach your ideal customer base is going to be a website. No matter how you look at it, there are more people on the internet than people you know personally. Duh!

So if you want more customers, then you need to reach out to people online and get them interested in your whatever it is you are selling. I’ll get into the details of how to reach those people in the next section.

If you are selling a product that only ships within the borders of your own country – that’s fine. You can buy a domain name with an extension that matches your country. For example, instead of, you can pick,,, or

If you want to reach the entire world (or at least the entire English speaking world), then you can just pick a regular .com domain name. Dot coms are perfect for affiliate marketing (what I do). There are more than 2 billion people online…and each one is a potential customer for you. Not only that, but the population of the world is growing, and more people are getting internet access every year.

interent growth

Building a website might seem scary right now, but actually, technology has advanced a lot in the last decade. There are many different push-button website builders that can give you a ready made website in minutes, and allow you to easily customize the website to how you want it to look. You buy “skins” for your site to make it look nice, or even pay someone to design it for pretty cheap. Creating a beautiful website is actually the easiest part of building a business these days, and you might be surprised to find out that pretty websites are not that important.

People don’t surf the web to “look” at websites. They surf the web to READ them! The most important thing on your website is going to be the articles you publish to it. If you have ever heard of ‘blogging’, then you know what I’m talking about.

These days, blogging is not just for keeping an online diary. Blogs are businesses. I have several blogs that earn over $1,000 per month from advertising and sales, and you can definitely achieve this amount of income or more within the essential oils industry.

Running an essential oils related blog can be a vehicle to drive sales of any of the business models we discussed above, including network marketing selling/recruiting, affiliate marketing, white label selling, or driving sales to your Amazon/eBay shop.

blog website

How To Get People On Your Website

If getting your website set up and looking nice is the easy part, the hard part is actually getting traffic (visitors) to your website. The first page of Google is a highly competitive space, and as a .com business owner, you are competing on the world market!

The good news is that most online business owners don’t have a clue how to actually rank on page one, but I do. I’ve got five years experience, and I’m going to show you right now how I do it. I’ll simplify the process a bit so I don’t confuse you, but if you want to learn more details of how to rank on page one and get traffic to your website be sure to let me know.

The secret is keyword research

Using a few special tools and tricks, you can actually tap into Google’s data and find out what people are searching for. I can see if there are a lot of people searching for something, or just a few people. I can also look at how many competing websites there are, and whether the competition is easy or tough.

For example, I know that there are 552 people searching for the term “essential oils for skin” every month, and that there are over 200 websites competing for this phrase. That’s a lot, considering there are only 10 spots on Google page one!

However, there are only 9 competing websites for the phrase “doTerra essential oils for kids”. Wow…only 9 websites in the whole world! I could definitely outrank them. If I can get my website to page one for that phrase, then at total of 72 people will reach my website every day and think about purchasing something.

Can you reach out to 72 people every day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year? No way! That’s the power of having a website and being able to rank it in search engines.

Of course, not every page on our website will rank, but over time, if we consistently publish articles on low competition topics, then we increase our website authority on the topic, and start generating more traffic. I have some websites that gets over 2,000 visits per day.

That’s 2000 potential clients every single day for my business.

There are thousands of topics you can write about on your website about essential oils. You can write about things like “the best essential oils for headaches” or “the best essential oils for arthritis”. You could also write about “natural remedies for depression” or “how to blend your own essential oils at home”.

essential oils keywords 3

If this is a true passion of yours, or you enjoy researching this topic and writing about what you learn, then there are literally thousands of things to write about.

==> Find Unlimited Traffic Sources For Your Business Here

Keywords and writing articles are the basics of how we attract customers to our website. Let’s talk about how to make money from that traffic next!

Oh, here’s one more crazy one I just happened to find. High traffic, low competition…it’s a great way to get people onto your site and buying oils for their cats!

essential oils for cats

5 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

There are so many ways to make money online, it’s crazy. I don’t want to totally give you information overload, so I’ll just talk about 5 basic ways right here. If you decide to build out your essential oils business on a website, you’ll learn about more ways as you talk to people on social media or get ideas from other websites.

Affiliate Promotions

This is the most exciting way to me because you can make some big commissions depending on what you promote. The concept is that you promote a product on your website, but the buyer purchases it from a different website. You simply say, “I recommend this product” and link to the vendor’s website (via your affiliate link).

For essential oils, you could recommend things like different oil brands, diffusers, books on how to use oils effectively, online meditation videos, courses on how to use the oils effectively, and other natural remedies that you find online. The possibilities are endless!

Payments are usually done through Paypal or direct bank deposit.

affiliate links

Display Ads

This is where Google, Yahoo, or similar companies will give you some code to place on your website. Then, ads are displayed automatically when a visitor lands on yoru site. You don’t have to do any promotional content at all. As long as you get traffic to your website, you get paid!

You are paid per click for your ads. Payments mailed to you as a check, or done through direct bank deposit.

display ads

Sponsored Content

You may find that some companies are will to pay you to write an article about their product on your website. Usually you need a large amount of followers on social media and proof of traffic, so this will be an option for later in your business venture. It’s also important to remember that all paid content is marked as ‘sponsored’ so your readers know that you’ve been paid to write about a product.

Payment method will vary based on which companies you work with.

==> Start Making Money Online!

Create an Info Product

Creating your own product may sound a bit scary, but it’s pretty easy these days. If you have some specialized knowledge and you want to share it, you can consider selling it for a small fee. A good example for the essential oils industry would be a person who has experience in aromatherapy. They could write a short ebook about how to do aromatherapy in your own home, and sell it for $17 through Amazon or a digital info-product marketplace like Clickbank.

essential oils digital info products

Selling Your Website

Once your website is getting traffic and earning money, you can actually sell it on a website marketplace! You’d be surprised at how much money you can get for a website these days.

A website that earns just $1,000 per month could fetch between $20k and $35k! Then you have a choice – you can continue to earn $1,000 in passive income every month, or opt to take a big fat payday.

websites sold

Can I Make My Website About Something Else?

Maybe you’re reading this page right now and thinking, “Wow. I don’t know if I really want to build a business about essential oils. I thought it sounded interesting at first, but I think my true passion is something else”

That’s the cool thing about online marketing. You can take the same basic principles of what I outlined here today and apply it to any industry. Just about every website you visit is making money in some way. Many of those sites are people working from home, just writing about topics they are interested in.

I have helped a lot of people get their businesses started over the past few years. Here are some topics I’ve seen covered and actually make money!

  • computer software and computer hardware
  • video game console repair
  • weight loss for women
  • tall girls fashion
  • learning games for toddlers
  • tablets for kids
  • marathon training
  • finding hotels for large families
  • paleo diet, gluten free diet
  • small dog breeds health and care

Pretty cool huh? I found my big break in computer software.With over two billion people in the world using the internet, and such a diverse range of interests, just about any topic you can think of has a potential to make money. All you need to do is learn how to find traffic sources and get those eyeballs onto your site.

Learn How To Start An Online Business About YOU

If you are confident that you want to follow up with making a business about essential oils, then you should start your business today. I have the most experience with affiliate sales and display ads, and you can learn how to do what I do at this training center. I started learning there in 2010 and was able to quit my job after just 18 months of training.

Imagine that! In just two years you could be your own boss and work from home. If you don’t start today, what do you think you’ll be doing in two years? The same thing that you’re doing right now?

woman blog business

But if you know that you have another passion and want to turn that into a business you can do that too. Even if you do not really have any good ideas right now, you can personally contact me and I can help you think of some topics that would be good for you.

The way you can get in contact with me and other people to help you start your business is by joining theWealthy Affiliate Online Business Community.

Inside, you’ll meet people just like yourself…people building an online business about a topic they’re passionate about. Some of them are just starting out, and some are already full time who enjoy helping out the newbies. If you join Wealthy Affiliate through the links on my website, you will also have 1-on-1 access to me and I’ll be able to help you grow your business.

Here’s what you’re going to do inside the community:

  1. choose a topic for your business
  2. learn how to rank your website in Google
  3. find products to promote for your business
  4. share ideas on how to grow sales and increase earnings

You’ll also get access to:

  • community support, including 24/7 live chat
  • two free websites
  • 1-on-1 support any business or technical problems you run into
  • personalized feedback from peers and professionals
  • brainstorming with me, a full time marketer with multiple six figure businesses

The coolest part of the community is that it’s free to join. You can actually create your account, get ten free beginner lessons, and two free websites without even giving them any credit card information.

==> Start Your Website Here For Free

affiliate essential oils business


Is it hard to build a website?

Building your basic website is very easy! Adding graphics and learning the interface will have a slight learning curve but all of the lessons come with video training so you can follow along withe the instructor.

Can I change my topic later?

You can build up to 25 websites with your membership, so you can have 25 different topics if you want! However, if you pick a new topic, you will need to purchase a new domain ($11). You should not have more than one topic for a website because it will confuse your visitors.

How much does is cost to run a business?

The one basic thing you need to run your internet based business is a domain name. This costs $11 per year to register. There are many extra things that are optional, but none are required. How much you invest in your business is up to you.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate training cost?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, and you are not required to upgrade. If you decide to continue beyond the beginner lessons and maintain access to the support network within the community, the cost is $47/month. They also offer a discount for your first month which means you only pay $19 for the first month of membership.

If Wealthy Affiliate hosts my website am I still the sole owner?

Yes, you own 100% of your website! If decide to leave Wealthy Affiliate at any point you can move your website to a new host.

How long does it take to earn money?

This is a tough question to answer because it’s different for everyone. Some people see earnings in just a few months. Others take more than a year. It really depends on how much time you spend growing your business each day.

How much money can I earn?

This is the cool part – there’s no limit! Because you are building an internet based business, the sky is the limit. There are billions of dollars being spent online every day. All you need to do is find a small slice of the pie and you can be making really good money.

Some people have businesses that earn a modest $30,000-$80,000 per year. Others grow to six figures and beyond. The really hard workers have multi-million dollar internet businesses.

Whoa. Wait a minute. Before you make a million bucks, let’s begin with the first step – creating your Wealthy Affiliate account and starting your free website!

==> Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free

Nathaniell 2 check shirt 2

Q & A Discussion

Got any questions? Be sure to let me know in the comment section. I’m happy to help!

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Who is Online Marketing With Vince – Wealthy Affiliate Scammer

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Vince and welcome to my blog. I just wanted to give you a brief insight into who I am, what I do, how I got started, and etc. Chances are, like me at one point, you’re someone looking to make more money in your life when it’s all said and done.

I am a full-time Internet marketer and earn a full-time living marketing online. I know how things work. Trust me. And I can teach and show you what works, and what is just bullcrap.

I am from Southern California, USA and I’m just your typical 20-something year old guy. I got really interested in this “make money from home” deal about 2.5 years ago, and have never looked back. Definitely a game-changer as far as my income, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been able to do a lot of things such as be my own boss, earn thousands of dollars in passive income every month, travel around, move to where I wish to live, and heck…even sleep in! Why? Because now I’ve developed a strong monthly online income and you know what? You can do the same if you are just willing to invest a few hours of working “smart” and making the right moves.

I Started In MLM & Got Pretty Good At It

get_rich_join_meI met a few MLM people who got “rich” in this type of home-based business. Once I realized this, I started calling my friends and family and started to recruit more and more people into the business and started to become very active. I would attend 2-3 meetings per week, attended the conventions, purchased all the motivational/educational CD’s, books, listened to my “upline” (mentor), and everything else.

It got to the point where I was able to walk into a bookstore, strike up a conversation with a stranger, and soon after have them get started in my “business” or really, my downline. And you know what? I’m not really a social butterfly. But I was desperate to succeed and wanted to make money in the industry, so I did whatever I was told to do by my sponsor. Eventually I grew a team to about 25+ people under me.

After about 18 months or so, after thousands of dollars and many hours invested, I was still barely making about $112 per month even with 25 people. I realized that much of MLM is about “selling the dream” of getting rich and attaining financial freedom more than anything else. To me, it’s about hustling as many people as you can into a downline, and teaching others to do the same. It’s a recruiting game. That’s just not my cup of tea.

Figured Out I Could Make Money Online 6x’s Faster and 75x’s More Money Than MLM

really_possibleI was literally “Googling” different ways to make money from home via the Internet. I saw a “pop up” ad that featured a single mom who was making $9,000+ from home.

Bullcrap, right? Kind of. Not really.

I actually ended up purchasing that product which was an e-book for $299. It wasn’t the key to riches or anything, but I did learn the basics of making money on the Internet: affiliate marketing.

Whoa. Really? Yup.

Now I had to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty to figure all of this out. Unfortunately, for the most part, I had to learn the hard way. After spending probably hundreds and hundreds of hours and losing thousands of dollars, I finally “cracked the code” to making it work.

So within 3 months, I started generating some money from home…on autopilot, which was pretty darn cool. Within a few more months after that, I was generating a full-time income!!! The cool thing is I was a complete “newbie” and very slow when it came to computers and websites and stuff.

Now I make way more money per month than I ever did before in any job, MLM biz opp, or anything else. Now, I have the ability to make money much faster online, than I ever did in MLM…of course, I am an expert and first learned and mastered all of these skills.

The 4 Steps I Followed To Build A Money-Making Internet Home Business

half_wa_screenFirst, you pick an interest, passion, or niche. This is the market you are going to be targeting and making money in.

Second, you launch a website. It’s really easy and literally takes about 30 seconds with the right tools. This is what you’re going to use to make money.

Third, you are going to then generate traffic and visitors to your site through searching engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and more.

Fourth, you simply turn those visitors into “buyers” by promoting stuff your audience is interested whether it be ads (paid-per-click), affiliate products, and anything else. I do recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 choice that will help you do all this.

Contact Vince

Click here to get started!

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Wealthy Affiliate is the best program out there, hands-down. It actually shows you how to affiliate marketing the correct way so you can create profit straight from home. Kyle and Carson are the owners and have years and years helping newbies get started and pointed in the right direction. WA is here to stay and is just improving every single month. And yes, it does work.

Wealthy Affiliate Is About 4 Main Steps That Actually Generate Income

WA_picture_-300x211WA helps you put together and target the 4 major steps it takes to make money from home through a home business. This is going to work really for you, especially if you’re a beginner. I mean, really the best thing to do is go ahead and start an account to see what it’s all about. Follow

I love WA and what it has to offer with people. So go ahead and get started. And remember, avoid online scams at all costs!

Click Here For Wealthy Affiliate!

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Who is Nathaniell Brenes – Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Nathaniell Brenes – Is he a scam?
Questions? Give Nathaniel Brenes a call: 209-225-5703 

Read this Wealthy Affiliate Review at your own risk. It is full of crap and lies, just like Nathaniell Brenes.

I didn’t go to college for computer science, web design, or marketing. In fact, I didn’t’ go to college at all.

I taught English for about a decade before I started to realize that teaching English overseas without a college degree was a dead end job, and I started to look for alternative types of employment.

I considered driving truck in the US, going to bar tending school, learning how to be a private detective, or even being a fireman. Yes, it was like kindergarten all over again. I was 25 years old and still didn’t know what I wanted to do for a living!

Eventually the idea got into my head that I could start an internet based business. I didn’t really understand what that meant at the time but as you might have guessed, searching for “how to start an internet business” led me to an endless string of scams.

Being rich sounded fantastic, but they never really explained how to make money.(But I will explain how I make money on this page!)

guru carrot 3

Their “secrets” were locked behind a pay wall. I spent many late nights with my cursor poised over the “Buy Now” button on products that sounded so good, but I just didn’t trust.

My research eventually I found a website that told me the truth. They did not promise me riches, and did not guarantee me success. This website said I needed to work, and I had to focus on creating a strong foundation to my business.

Questions? Give Nathaniel Brenes a call: 209-225-5703


It was this training center that finally explained to me HOW I would be making money, before I paid them anything.

It was called Wealthy Affiliate and without them, I would not be where I am today.

The training and personal help at Wealthy Affiliate was what I needed create my first profitable website. I grew that website and created a few more the next year. After 18 months I quit my job in China and moved back the the US to work from home. My dream of having the free time to travel the world and save money for my future at the same time had become a reality.

nathaniell selfie travel

They didn’t show me screenshots of their bank accounts or video of fast cars and yachts (and I won’t show you that junk either). They gave me a step by step course and told me to get to work. They were always around to show me what I did wrong, or what I should do next.


Wealthy Affiliate helped me start my first website in 2010 while still living in China. Two years later I moved back to the US to purchase my first home and now I work online “full time”.


If you can put in the work, Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve YOUR own goals.

Regardless of you age, race, education, or income level, you can learn how to do what I do.

Start Learning Now (for free)!


how do i earn money online

Answer: I help people!

Questions? Give Nathaniel Brenes a call: 209-225-5703

Um…What does that mean?

I make small websites about very specific topics. When someone searches in Google, they can find my website and read what I write.

Sometimes the information I write contains a link to a product sold online. If someone clicks that link and buys, I make some money.

Millions of people are searching the internet for information right now and where do you think all these information websites come from? People just like you! They are building websites, writing articles, and earning income from it. Some are making a lot of money.

…it’s time for you to get a piece of the pie!

There are different ways to earn money from a website but I will teach you how I do it. It’s my favorite way to earn money on the internet because I get to write about topics I’m interested in, and I get to help people that are interested in the same topics.

Here’s an example:

One of my hobbies is brewing beer at home. I’m not an expert brewer, but I love making beer (and drinking it!) So last year I started a website about it.

sample niche site brew7

On this website I talk about a lot of different things related to homebrewing. I teach people how to pick the right equipment, how to put together a recipe, and how to fix mistakes in the brewing process.

I share my personal recipes, results from homebrew competitions, and other stories related to making beer.

There are thousands of websites like this on the internet about every topic you can think of, and many of them are generating income for their owners. You can create a website like this about ANY topic you want. Here are just a few ideas.

niche ideas

Pick Your Website Topic And Start Building Your Website Now!

Can You Teach Me?

After building my first website, it took me just a few months to start earning some decent money, and I quit my job in China just short time after that.

I continued to make money like this for a few years with a website about computer software, but soon found that my real passion was helping people make their own profit-generating websites. I love doing what I do, and I want to help you learn how to do the same.

It’s amazing that anyone can start a website about a topic they already love talking about and sell stuff to people that share the same passion. Even if you don’t know what your website will be about yet, the members of Wealthy Affiliate (including myself) can help you develop your idea into a website ready for profit.

what is wealthy affiliate

Nathaniell’s Story (the short version)

Sometimes I call it a “training center”, but it’s really a kind of community. Not only do you follow training videos, read tutorials, and complete tasks related to your business, but you can also ask questions update other members on your progress! Take a look at one of my first posts in 2010, just a few weeks after joining. Yes, I was a total newbie…not making any money yet!

success post nathaniell 2010

I tracked my progress every year. Although there were many frustrating moments when I wanted to give up, I kept doing more training and building my website bigger and bigger. Once I started seeing some tiny results, I really kicked it into overdrive. Here is my 2 year anniversary post from 2012.

success post nathaniell 2012

And less than a year later, I had quit my job to “go full time”.

3 year anniversary affiliate marketing

Now you can see why I give this place so much credit for helping me succeed online. The funny thing is that because I started over 5 years ago and since then, the community has introduced a ton more stuff to help you start your business.

They recently they added

  • live chat for getting fast help
  • weekly live webinars for updated and specialized training
  • free keyword research tool for helping your site rank in Google
  • peer feedback system so you can get honest feedback on your business

You new guys have it easy! In fact, they just recently made it completely free to join the website so you can see the training and meet other members before you pay anything at all.

what's inside wealthy affiliate

Your internet business isn’t going to happen overnight. Sorry to disappoint, but you are going to have to get your hands dirty and work.

If you can handle that, let’s take a look at how exactly they are going to help you start earning money online.

best affiliate training

The training courses inside Wealthy Affiliate are second to none. Most other “make money online” are a simple ebook or series of videos. Pay one fee, get one product.

There are over 500 training modules within the community that take you from building your very first website to learning how to manage outsourcing aspects of your business. It is continuously updated to reflect changes in the industry so you can make sure your website stays ranked in search engines, generating traffic and revenue.

I have reviewed hundreds of products on One More Cup of Coffee, and no other company in the world offers the quality and style of training offered inside WA.

Test Drive Training For Yourself Right Now

fast support

You will make some mistakes along the way. There will be times when you are confused.That’s OK.

But who’s going to help you figure out what went wrong?

Live help from the owners and from other members inside the community is going to be the best way to get help when you need it.

live chat help

Instant and friendly help is something that will keep you moving in the right direction. You will not have to spend days searching for answers that don’t quite fit what you are looking for, or hours scrolling through old forums and blog posts trying to figure out things by yourself. Now you have hundreds of personal assistants that can show you what to do next.

successful entrepreneurs

Wealthy Affiliate is 100% responsible for my success as business owner. But I am not the only one. There are thousands of other people inside the members area that are currently running their own internet based businesses.

Read their blog posts and learn from their experiences.

Ask them questions and get 1-on-1 help.

See their website and learn to make yours better

Mentorships with other companies can cost you thousands of dollars per month, sometimes even more than $1,000 per HOUR. I’m not joking.

But you get to talk to these people for free as part of your membership. Imagine a Facebook style website but just for people that want to build earn money online. Now you’re getting the idea :) I’m inside every day helping other members, and I can help you too.

I take time out of every day to answer questions people ask me. Yeah buddy,  you’ll get personal 1-on-1 help from me. Just send me a message and ask me something. Try it out! Just today, someone sent me this message in response to some bonus training I sent him. I’ve printed it here with his permission.

wa review 2x

And here’s another that popped up in my inbox this week. I just really want to stress the fact that I’m actively involved in the community, and will be available to help YOU get YOUR BUSINESS off the ground.

wa testimonial 2

I have a great time doing it, so if you join up, please don’t feel like you’re bothering me. I’m totally fine with answering all your newbie questions. Those are the easy ones :)

free membership

There are a lot of internet scams out there. Most of them promise loads of easy money, expensive cars, and an amazing internet lifestyle just so long as you buy their secret guide to success.

They sell you a dream, and deliver a nightmare of expensive upgrades, low-quality products, and disappointment.

Wealthy Affiliate does NOT want to be that type of website. They also know that not everyone wants to pay up front for something they don’t really understand.

So to show you exactly how awesome the training is, and exactly how fast support is, and exactly how friendly everyone is, you can create your membership account and access the community for free.

Everything I talked about above; the live chat, the step-by-step training, and access to other successful internet business owners is available for exactly $0. They don’t even take a credit card.

You can access all of these things for a full 7 days, and then you have the option of upgrading to a premium membership.

Use the premium support and training for free while you actually build your first websites. Yes, you read that right. Wealthy Affiliate will give you TWO free websites to work on while you are still a non-paying member.

★ Get Your Free Membership & Websites Here ★

next level business

Now that you’ve built your first website, taken the Level 1 training course, and even used the live chat feature to meet everyone and ask some questions, what’s going to happen next?

Wealthy Affiliate also offers a premium level of membership.

premium membership

  • 24/7/365 Instant Live Chat Help From Me, Other Members, And The Owners of WA
  • Access to 500+ High Quality Training Modules Showing You How To Make Money With Your Website
  • Access to NEW training modules as they are rolled out
  • 25 Free Websites
  • Free Hosting For Your 25 .Com Website ($100+ per year anywhere else) To Save You Money
  • Unlimited Domain Email ( To Make Your Business More Professional
  • Access 4 Live Webinars Per Month For Live Training Sessions*

★ Take The Official Tour Here ★

live webinar training

Every week Wealthy Affiliate hosts a live training session that covers a wide variety of topics. All webinars are designed to grow your business in different ways, and help you earn more money from your websites.

WA Webinar Screenshot

Topics include

  • How to rank higher in search engines
  • How to write content more effectively
  • How to track data on your site learn from it
  • How to provide better user experience to your visitors
  • And many, many more!

Sometimes they even do a live critique of other members’ (or maybe your) websites. You can benefit by learning from their mistakes, or repeating their success.

Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate NOW!


wa benefits

We all have different goals. I’m a single guy that likes adventure. I was able to quit my job in teaching English to spoiled primary school students and spend more time on the things I care about, including…

  • Schedule a brew session or go on a motorcycle trip any day I want
  • Purchase my first home last year
  • Learn to dive in Malaysia
  • Buy a motorcycle and drive across California

Plus, if you couldn’t tell by the title of my site, I’m totally not a morning person. Now I don’t have to wake up at 6:30AM and drag myself out of bed to go to a dead-end job.

That’s just me…these are the things that I love to do. Let’s talk about YOU and what you can get from starting your membership today.


Do you want more time with your family?
Are there places you want to go and things you want to see?
Do you no longer have job security, or even hate your job?
Are you starting to plan for retirement and need an extra source of income?


How much would you pay to have a road map to achieving those goals?

Many people spend $5 a day on Starbucks coffee or $100 per month on cable TV. We all make buying decisions every day of our lives.

It’s a rare chance that one of those buying decisions is a positive investment in our future.

Wealthy Affiliate is the road map to owning a profitable online business. Premium membership is only $47/month. No secret upgrades. No expensive mentorships. No surprise payments.

That’s only $1.56/day to build your own profit-generating website!

The internet is reaching more and more people every day. Millions of people are shopping online, and that number is only growing with every passing year.

It is simply not true that all the good ideas are taken, or that you ‘missed the train’. There literally 10,000’s of opportunities to make money online that pop up every day.

  • Every time a new product goes on the market, that’s a new opportunity for you!
  • Every time a business owner gets lazy and doesn’t update their website, that’s a new opportunity for you!
  • Every time someone gets their first credit card, that’s a new opportunity for you!
  • Every time someone decides to make their first internet purchase, that’s an opportunity for you!
  • Even within saturated markets there are always tiny sub-industries to get a foothold…another opportunity for you!

internet growth

There are so many opportunities to earn money through affiliate marketing, it really is the most exciting time to be a part of this industry. The internet cowboys of the past have blazed a trail for you. All you need to do is follow in their footsteps and start your training. Everyone starts at day 1, with no business, no traffic, and no sales.

It only takes that first step to begin the journey. Are you ready to take that step? Imagine how you will look back on this day in 12 months time. You will thank yourself that you finally made the decision to take a risk and invest in yourself.

affiliate training

Providing shoppers with information relevant to what they’re searching for is not a crazy idea. It’s been done before, and people will continue to do it. Online shoppers LOVE to read information before they buy stuff. In fact, then need that information to feel confident they they are buying the right stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business training center in the world to learn how to to this. You’l learn how to

  • build a website
  • rank the pages of your website
  • make sales from visitors on your website
  • …and so much more!

And you can see what they offer, for a total cost of $0. Instead of your typical “Pay to Play” mentality of internet marketing products out there. You can see exactly how WA works and learn exactly how to make money BEFORE you buy! If you are happy with what you see, then you can go premium and continue with the advanced training and personal help. If it’s not your style, that’s OK too! You won’t be charged anything at all.

one more thing
I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 years now. Helping newbies get started is part of my daily routine. You can contact me with ANY questions you have because I’m logged into WA almost every day talking to people about their websites and if you actually believe any of the crap I am peddling then you are a complete moron and deserve to lose all of your money.

Also, by signing up to WA through my website you will get a 59% discount on your first month of membership. That means your first month will only cost you $19 (63 cents per day).

Sign Up Now

Create Your $0 Starter Account Here


WA new homepage


PS. Don’t forget that you can always contact me for help or questions! Type “nathaniell” into the search bar in Wealthy Affiliate and leave a message on my profile.

I log into WA every day to check my messages, and am looking forward to hearing from you!

nathaniell pic bottom

Please let me know your questions or comments about my review or about Wealthy Affiliate below. I know it can be intimidating to start something new like this, and I’m happy to clear anything up.

Questions? Give Nathaniel Brenes a call: 209-225-5703 

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Free SEO Link Directory Links

Get your free SEO Directory Links for free.

SEO Directory Links
get free seo links in the free seo link directory for your seo links free directory SEO Directory Links

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Is it possible to Earn cash Taking part in Online poker?

The origin of Poker is actually a mystery. A number of say it’s some sort of type of the game enjoyed within old Portugal. Others say the idea comes from some sort of This particular language game, called Poque.

We might certainly not understand the origins of the game we have now call texas hold’em, but the one thing is definite: texas hold’em possesses modified a good deal throughout the a long time.

Within the childhood, in this article in the usa, texas hold’em ended up being a casino game enjoyed simply through the most difficult cowboys along with outlaws. The item stayed at this way before the seventies, when gamers similar to Doyle Brunson along with Amarillo Trim built texas hold’em their regular task.

The item wasn’t before the first 2000s that people started trying to make money enjoying online poker, on account of a little something called…

The actual Moneymaker Impact

Within 2003 the accountant branded Joe Moneymaker transferred $40 for an online poker web page along with joined some sort of Arizona Keep ‘em event. The actual winning prize: some sort of couch (worth $10, 000) on the Planet Series of Poker (WSOP).

Joe received the net event along with proceeded to be able to engage in within along with acquire the very first ever before WSOP. Large numbers observed, along with realizing Chris’s history, these people flooded online poker web sites along with modified online poker forever.

This particular overflow of brand-new gamers activated a huge expansion within texas hold’em referred to as “the moneymaker effect”.

There are many gamers of which built cash enjoying online poker following the Moneymaker Impact, but just one specifically is actually Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey: $19 mil within Poker Earnings

Not merely is actually Phil Ivey considered one of the most popular texas hold’em gamers, but they are likewise an enormous proponent regarding online poker. When online poker is it being talked about, Phil Ivey — otherwise known as: “The Phenom, ” “No house Jerome” as well as “The Padraig harrington of Poker” — need to be talked about.

According to HighStakesDB. com, Phil Ivey possesses built more than $19, 000, 000 enjoying texas hold’em, creating him or her the greatest (recorded) generating texas hold’em gambler on this planet.

phil ivey enjoying texas hold’em

On the other hand, Phil Ivey has become enjoying texas hold’em for some time (starting back in this 90s when he’d to create a fake ID to get involved with casinos), meaning that most of the revenue would not originated from online poker. A number of, alternatively, originated from real life events.

Given that it’s extremely hard to know without a doubt the amount of the revenue are generally coming from online poker, My spouse and i believed the idea best to refer to an additional texas hold’em master.


He Dwan, better acknowledged through the monitor name, “Durrrr”, is an online poker prodigy. He / she is just about the almost all terrifying texas hold’em gamers, along with they are a direct result of this Moneymaker Impact.

He transferred the very first $50 for an online poker web page within 2004. By 2007 he’d built more than $312, 000 — which originated from online poker.

To date, human resources regarding cutbacks along with all, He Dwan (Durrrr) possesses grossed more than $3million.

The type of Online poker

The reason somebody similar to He Dwan can come on the arena along with earn thousands within just many years happens because online poker goes in break-neck rates.

On average, on-line gamers can engage in 3 times numerous hands and wrists since stay gamers.

Stay gamers might notice twenty five hands and wrists hourly (with a fantastic dealer).
On-line gamers can readily possibly be dealt out ninety days hands and wrists, or even more, derived from one of table by itself.
On the other hand, on-line gamers will not be limited to just one table.

Online poker lets you engage in in numerous tables because you wish. Nearly all expert gamers possess six to eight tables heading while doing so. This is called “multi-tabling”.

variable tabling pokerstars

Not merely will this raise the player’s capability to enjoy better paychecks more rapidly, it also enables the crooks to cure cutbacks more rapidly than within stay games.

Regardless of enjoying in often this velocity of the stay game, online poker is actually very tedious.

Should you observe events just like the WSOP, as well as Poker In the evening, and then it might seem it’s all Aces along with Kings, but it’s not.

Great texas hold’em gamers collapse with regards to three-quarters of the hands and wrists there’re dealt out straight away. Because you receive books hands and wrists on-line, you will collapse more often far too.

Actually, too much to handle apathy is actually just one explanation a lot of gamers like to engage in numerous tables as you can.

Online poker is an Forearms Contest

You have probably heard about “tells” within stay texas hold’em. In the movie Rounders, Shiny Damon’s identity, Robert, areas KGB’s tell: when she has some sort of built palm, KGB consumes the Oreo.

Explains to aren’t always rather so noticeable, especially within online poker (obviously). But they survive. They method without a doubt, once you guess, the length of time you hold out — they’re all shows.
Your job as an online poker gambler is usually to discover these kind of shows.

Each texas hold’em web page carries a palm historical past purpose of which lets you return and discover the many hands and wrists you enjoyed while having very last procedure.

You choose to do this to get shows as part of your game, and also the shows within people you’ve tinkered with.

The item was previously how the palm historical past purpose ended up being plenty of. Even though the procedure took time, everyone achieved it. Right now, software program similar to Poker Tracker is used.

texas hold’em tracker statistics

As an online poker gambler without this software program is similar to coming into some sort of drag race with a bike. You’ll lose.

The issue is, online poker evolves the maximum amount of since the rest of the net. Annually, brand-new software program is generated that offers the competition the advantage.

It’s rough to maintain up using this in case you are some sort of novice.

Prices Linked to Making money Taking part in Online poker

Typically, startup company expense being the online poker gambler are generally straightforward. You may need 3 factors:

$50 Downpayment

This can be the minimum put in in just about any kind of texas hold’em web page. You might find a few that want a bit fewer, but I’d keep away from individuals.

Poker Tracker

My spouse and i mentioned above the idea, with luck , you already know exactly how crucial it really is. You should not engage in online poker skillfully without software program in this way. You’ll find a couple of variations of Poker Tracker. The retail price for the standard variation is actually $59. To the total variation you can shell out $159.

Bank roll

Within texas hold’em, cash can be your tool. Should you don’t possess any kind of, then you can’t finish the same job. Any kitty could be the cash you could have set aside to be able to engage in texas hold’em. It is ones toolbox. Anyway, ones kitty need to be 20 occasions the quantity of ones buy-in. Consequently if you want to engage in at the table that will need some sort of $5 buy-in (a rather reduced buy-in) ones kitty need to be at least $100.

Entire Minimum amount Price tag: $209

Black Friday/The Point out of Online poker

There may be just one event of which modified online poker more than this Moneymaker Impact: Black Friday.

I’m not dealing with the afternoon after Thanksgiving holiday, when you go to this local mall along with wrestle people regarding game gaming systems along with giant screen Tv set.

I’m dealing with The spring 15, 2011.

That’s the afternoon of which the government blocked ALL OF US gamers coming from coming into online poker web page.

african american exclusive wiki

For factors which can be still challenging along with unclear if you ask me, the government indicted web sites similar to PokerStars, FullTilt, and many various other texas hold’em web sites regarding unlawful gambling.

Information of the event aren’t vital (luckily, due to the fact it’s lots of legal mumbo-jumbo).

It is important even though, is actually of which a lot of ALL OF US gamers had been held off their main income without having forewarning.

There is absolutely no way to understand without a doubt exactly how many had been creating an income, but we realize which it ended up being include previous to.

And then instantly, in one evening, it had been all stripped aside.

The actual legal guidelines remain a little sketchy, but slowly, ALL OF US gamers have been able to discover web sites of which permit them to be able to engage in. It depends on where you live, along with which web sites you would like to engage in on, but in some instances, ALL OF US gamers could still engage in online poker by law.

Remaining Award?

Sad to say, online poker gamers can be victim towards exact same sort of factor of which comes up with a lot of entrepreneurs on-line: trustworthy your earnings to a platform you don’t handle.

The actual events of Black Friday spotlight one of the primary issues with generating income online.

You will find some sort of mil “Make Income Online” software programs available of which noise decent. However, similar to online poker, many are generally be subject to somebody else’s policies.

Tips on how to stay clear of of which issue whilst still being make money online?

You choose to do the idea on website you very own along with handle. It’s similar to having electronic real estate property where one can create websites. But instead of spending $100k+ for any loan from the bank along with yet another $2k/month regarding storefront rent payments, a business online charges some sort of measly $11/year + $10/month to own.

If you love enjoying texas hold’em there exists a enormous market place regarding mentoring, software program expenses, facts as well as enjoyable content material. People are carrying it out with wonderland sports currently, why not texas hold’em?

Should you take pleasure in enjoying along with dealing with texas hold’em you are able to produce a website and turn into a joint venture partner regarding businesses of which offer factors linked to texas hold’em. One of them of this can be a Poker Tracker software program. This is something that each gambler requirements.

Should you have a web site of which helps rookie gamers, then you introduce this tool in their eyes, these people will definitely acquire the idea so you have a portion of the sale.

Regardless of you prefer accomplishing — texas hold’em, motion pictures, making fowl coops — the ultimate way to make money from it on-line is actually as a result of internet affiliate marketing.

I got were only available in internet affiliate marketing on account of Well-off Affiliate. You will enroll in using a FREE beginner regular membership along with study on myself, and also the exact same individuals who made it easier for myself. They have thousands of courses, online video media coaching, new member weblogs along with stay chat to get support promptly anytime you’ll need the idea. Adult Web Sites XXX

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Are you able to Generate profits Playing Poker online?

The foundation regarding Online poker is a bit of a unknown. Many declare it’s any kind of a video game played throughout historical A holiday in greece. Others declare this derives from any French video game, called Poque and still others call it a scam.

We might never learn the truth beginning of the video game we have now call up poker, yet one thing is definite: poker features transformed a good deal during the entire a long time.

With the beginnings, the following in the usa, poker ended up being a casino game played solely through the toughest cowboys and outlaws. That stayed that way until the 70s, as soon as avid gamers including Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Trim manufactured poker his or her fulltime job.

That wasn’t until the beginning 2000s that individuals started wanting to generate profits participating in poker online, as a result of a little something called…

This Moneymaker Impact

With 2003 a accountant known as Chelsea Moneymaker deposited $40 to a poker online website and inserted any Tx Hold ‘em event. This award: any fit (worth $10, 000) in the Planet Compilation of Online poker (WSOP).

Chelsea won the internet event and took to be able to participate in throughout and get the primary ever before WSOP. Millions seen, and realizing Chris’s history, these people inundated poker online web sites and transformed poker online eternally.

That flood regarding fresh avid gamers brought on a tremendous increase throughout poker known as “the moneymaker effect”.

There are many avid gamers which manufactured cash participating in poker online following the Moneymaker Impact, yet just one for example is Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey: $19 thousand throughout Online poker Winnings

Not just is Phil Ivey considered one of my personal favorite poker avid gamers, yet he or she is also a huge proponent pertaining to poker online. Every time poker online is being reviewed, Phil Ivey — also known as: “The Phenom, ” “No property Jerome” as well as “The Tiger woods regarding Poker” — should be described.

In line with HighStakesDB. com, Phil Ivey features manufactured over $19, 000, 000 participating in poker, making your ex the best (recorded) earning poker gamer in the world.

phil ivey participating in poker

Even so, Phil Ivey has been participating in poker for a long time (starting the government financial aid the particular 90s as soon as he’d to generate a phony IDENTITY to get into casinos), so that a number of the profits didn’t originated from poker online. Many, as a substitute, originated in real-world activities.

Considering that it’s impossible to know beyond doubt how much regarding the profits are usually through poker online, My partner and i imagined this far better to talk about yet another poker expert.


Tom Dwan, far better known by simply the tv screen name, “Durrrr”, is usually an poker online natural born player. This individual is among the the majority of anticipated poker avid gamers, and he or she is the result of the particular Moneymaker Impact.

Tom deposited the primary $50 to a poker online website throughout 2004. By 2007 he’d manufactured over $312, 000 — all of which originated in poker online.

To date, sales pertaining to failures and many, Tom Dwan (Durrrr) features grossed over $3million.

The type regarding Poker online

The explanation an individual including Tom Dwan comes on the arena and gain thousands and thousands within quite a while is really because poker online actions from break-neck data transfer speeds.

On average, on the net avid gamers are able to participate in triple as many fingers because stay avid gamers.

Live avid gamers may see 25 fingers hourly (with a great dealer).
On-line avid gamers can potentially end up being dealt ninety fingers, and up, collected from one of table on it’s own.
Even so, on the net avid gamers will not be limited by just one table.

Poker online lets you participate in from as many furniture as you desire. Many specialist avid gamers have 6 or 8 furniture proceeding as well. That is called “multi-tabling”.

adjustable tabling pokerstars

Not just can this specific improve the player’s capacity to bring in more cash swifter, it also makes it possible for these phones recover from failures more quickly when compared with throughout stay games.

Despite participating in from often times the particular pace of a stay video game, poker online is very tedious.

In case you observe activities just like the WSOP, as well as Online poker After dark, then you could think it’s many Aces and Kings, yet it’s not.

Very good poker avid gamers flip about three-quarters of the fingers they may be dealt right from the start. Since you acquire books fingers on the net, you are likely to flip more regularly too.

Actually, too much to handle monotony is just one cause a lot of avid gamers love to participate in as many furniture as possible.

Poker online is usually an Forearms Battle

You’ve got likely heard about “tells” throughout stay poker. Within the motion picture Rounders, Shiny Damon’s identity, Mike, areas KGB’s tell: as soon as they have any manufactured hands, KGB takes a Oreo.

Shows aren’t always really and so obvious, particularly throughout poker online (obviously). But they stay alive. Many people means without a doubt, whenever you guess, how much time anyone hang on — these are many explains to.
Your work just as one poker online gamer is always to locate these kind of explains to.

Every poker website has a hands history perform which lets you return and see each of the fingers anyone played in your last program.

You do this specific to locate explains to within your video game, in addition to the explains to throughout other people you’ve tinkered with.

That used to be which the hands history perform ended up being adequate. Even though course of action got hrs, anyone made it happen. Currently, software program including Online poker Tracker can be used.

poker tracker stats

As an poker online gamer devoid of this specific software program is much like stepping into any drag contest over a pedal bike. You’ll eliminate.

Sixty, poker online advances just as much because other world wide web. Each year, fresh software program is made that provides your competition the advantage.

It’s challenging maintain with this particular for anyone who is any newbie.

Costs In connection with Earning profits Playing Poker online

Generally, startup company charge to become a poker online gamer are usually uncomplicated. You’ll need about three factors:

$50 First deposit

This is the minimal deposit from just about any kind of poker website. You can definitely find some that want just a little a smaller amount, yet We would keep away from those.

Online poker Tracker

My partner and i mentioned above this, preferably you recognize how important it really is. You cannot participate in poker online professionally devoid of software program such as this. You will find a couple types regarding Online poker Tracker. The retail price for that essential model is $59. For that total model you will shell out $159.

Bank roll

With poker, cash can be your instrument. In case you don’t have any kind of, then you definitely can’t perform the job. Any bank roll is the cash you might have reserve to be able to participate in poker. It is ones toolbox. Anyway, ones bank roll should be twenty times how much ones buy-in. Thus if you want to participate in with a table that will need any $5 buy-in (a fairly low buy-in) ones bank roll should be at least $100.

Overall Minimum Charge: $209

Black color Friday/The Point out regarding Poker online

There may be one event which transformed poker online over the particular Moneymaker Impact: Black color Fri.

I’m not discussing your day right after Thanksgiving, when you go to the particular local mall and have difficulty men and women pertaining to video game consoles and silver screen Tvs.

I’m discussing Apr 15, 2011.

That’s your day which the federal government plugged YOU avid gamers through stepping into poker online website.

dark comes to an end wiki

Regarding good reasons which have been still complicated and unclear if you ask me, the federal government indicted websites including PokerStars, FullTilt, and lots of additional poker web sites pertaining to unlawful playing.

The important points of this event aren’t important (luckily, because it’s lots of authorized mumbo-jumbo).

It is important nevertheless, is which an incredible number of YOU avid gamers had been held off their primary source of income without the need of alert.

There is no strategy to learn beyond doubt how many of them had been making a living, yet could which it ended up being use in your just before.

And then out of the blue, in one evening, it turned out many removed absent.

This laws continue to be a tad questionable, yet slowly, YOU avid gamers have been capable to locate web sites which permit them to be able to participate in. This will depend about your geographical area, and which web sites you want to participate in about, yet sometimes, YOU avid gamers can easily still participate in poker online officially.

Final Verdict? is a joke

Sad to say, poker online avid gamers is usually sufferer on the very same kind of matter which affects a lot of enterprisers on-line: having faith in your pay into a program anyone don’t control.

This activities regarding Black color Fri emphasize most significant issues with generating income online.

You could find any thousand “Make Income Online” software programs out there which appear excellent. Nevertheless, you, including poker online, many of them are usually subject to an individual else’s principles.

Tips on how to stay away from which trouble nevertheless easy?

You do this about internet site which you unique and control. It’s including owning exclusive real-estate where you can assemble websites. But rather regarding paying $100k+ for a bank loan and an additional $2k/month pertaining to storefront rent payments, a business online costs any measly $11/year + $10/month to own.

If you love participating in poker there exists a large current market pertaining to teaching, software program acquisitions, data and also interesting written content. Consumers are performing it together with illusion soccer previously, exactly why not poker?

In case you take pleasure in participating in and discussing poker you can produce a internet site and be a joint venture partner pertaining to firms which promote factors associated with poker. One of these regarding this can be the Online poker Tracker software program. That is something each and every gamer needs.

If you have a website which helps novice avid gamers, then you definitely create the particular instrument for many years, these people are certain to buy this and you have a fraction of the sales.

Regardless of you like undertaking — poker, movies, constructing poultry coops — the simplest way to generate profits with it on the net is through internet affiliate marketing.

I got were only available in internet affiliate marketing as a result of Prosperous Online. Anyone can join with a COST-FREE starter regular membership and study on me, plus the very same people that served me. They’ve already thousands of course, movie coaching, new member weblogs and stay talk to get guide instantly every time you may need this.

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Can you really Generate profits Actively playing On line poker?

The foundation involving Online poker will be a bit of a secret. Several declare it’s any kind of a online game enjoyed in early Portugal. Others declare the item comes from any French online game, called Poque.

Organic beef never recognize the actual foundation on the online game we now call up holdem poker, but another thing is definite: holdem poker provides transformed lots during the entire decades.

Within their beginnings, right here the united states, holdem poker was an activity enjoyed just by the roughest cowboys along with outlaws. This stayed at that way until the seventies, whenever participants like Doyle Brunson along with Amarillo Slender manufactured holdem poker their full-time job.

This wasn’t until the first 2000s that people started out attempting to generate income actively playing online poker, as a result of a little something called…

This Moneymaker Consequence Payday Loans

Within 2003 the accountant known as Frank Moneymaker deposited $40 to a online poker web site along with joined any Colorado Carry ‘em competition. This treasure: any couch (worth $10, 000) with the Entire world Number of Online poker (WSOP).

Frank gained the internet competition along with made to help participate in in along with earn his primary at any time WSOP. Thousands and thousands observed, along with realizing Chris’s history, that they flooded online poker websites along with transformed online poker forever.

This overflow involving new participants brought about a huge progress in holdem poker called “the moneymaker effect”.

There are several participants that will manufactured cash actively playing online poker after the Moneymaker Consequence, but a single in particular will be Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey: $19 thousand in Online poker Takings

Not only will be Phil Ivey one among my personal favorite holdem poker participants, but he is additionally a major proponent pertaining to online poker. Anytime online poker will be talked about, Phil Ivey — sometimes referred to as: “The Phenom, ” “No residence Jerome” as well as “The Padraig harrington involving Poker” — must be stated.

In accordance with HighStakesDB. com, Phil Ivey provides manufactured over $19, 000, 000 actively playing holdem poker, making your pet the biggest (recorded) getting holdem poker player on this planet.

phil ivey actively playing holdem poker

However, Phil Ivey has become actively playing holdem poker for some time (starting back in this 90s whenever he’d to manufacture a fake ID to find yourself in casinos), which means that several of his revenue wouldn’t are derived from online poker. Several, rather, originated from real-world events.

Due to the fact it’s not possible to understand beyond doubt how much involving his revenue are usually via online poker, My spouse and i imagined the item best to talk about yet another holdem poker pro.


Mary Dwan, superior acknowledged by his display name, “Durrrr”, is an online poker prodigy. He is amongst the the majority of terrifying holdem poker participants, along with he is a direct result of this Moneymaker Consequence.

Mary deposited his primary $50 to a online poker web site in 2004. Through 2007 he’d manufactured over $312, 000 — these all originated from online poker.

Up to now, accounting pertaining to failures along with just about all, Mary Dwan (Durrrr) provides grossed over $3million.

The nature involving On line poker

The explanation someone like Mary Dwan can come for the scene along with make hundreds of thousands inside of quite a while is really because online poker goes on break-neck rates.

Typically, online participants manage to participate in thrice as many palms while are living participants.

Dwell participants may discover forty palms by the hour (with a superb dealer).
On the web participants can simply be worked ninety palms, and up, derived from one of stand by itself.
However, online participants are not tied to a single stand.

On line poker means that you can participate in on as many furniture while you need. Most expert participants include 6 to 8 furniture intending while doing so. It is called “multi-tabling”.

numerous tabling pokerstars

Not only does this kind of raise the player’s ability to create extra income more quickly, but it also will allow these phones cure failures quicker compared to in are living video games.

Even with actively playing on more often than not this speed of a are living online game, online poker will be very monotonous.

In the event you enjoy events like the WSOP, as well as Online poker In the evening, and then you might think it’s just about all Aces along with Nobleman, but it’s not.

Very good holdem poker participants fold regarding three-quarters on the palms they are worked straight away. As you are get courses palms online, you will definitely fold more regularly also.

In reality, mind-boggling indifference will be a single cause numerous participants prefer to participate in as many furniture as is possible.

On line poker is an Forearms Ethnic background

You’ve almost certainly got word of “tells” in are living holdem poker. From the film Rounders, Matt Damon’s figure, Scott, destinations KGB’s say to: whenever he’s got any manufactured give, KGB takes the Oreo.

Shows aren’t constantly pretty thus noticeable, particularly in online poker (obviously). Nonetheless they remain. That they way without a doubt, whenever you choice, the length of time anyone delay — these are generally just about all shows.
Your career for online poker player would be to locate most of these shows.

Just about every holdem poker web site includes a give background perform that will means that you can return back and discover each of the palms anyone enjoyed in your past treatment.

You need to do this kind of to find shows in your online game, as well as the shows in other folks you’ve messed around with.

This once was which the give background perform was plenty of. Even though the procedure got time, everybody made it happen. Now, software program like Online poker Tracker can be used.

holdem poker tracker gambling

As a possible online poker player without this kind of software program is similar to coming into any lug competition over a cycle. You will lose.

The catch is, online poker builds up as much while all of those other web. Yearly, new software program is generated that provides your competitors the advantage.

It’s difficult to keep up with this if you’re any newbie.

Prices Associated with Creating wealth Actively playing On line poker

Typically, medical expense for being the online poker player are usually easy. You would like a few issues:

$50 Down payment

This is the bare minimum first deposit on essentially almost any holdem poker web site. Often a few that need a little a smaller amount, but I’d avoid those people.

Online poker Tracker

My spouse and i stated previously the item, with any luck , you realize how important it’s. You can not participate in online poker appropriately without software program in this way. There are two types involving Online poker Tracker. The value for the standard version will be $59. For that total version you can spend $159.


Within holdem poker, cash will be your tool. In the event you don’t include almost any, then you can’t perform the job. The bank roll is the cash you have put aside to help participate in holdem poker. It can be your current tool kit. At least, your current bank roll must be 20 times the quantity of your current buy-in. Consequently in order to participate in for a stand that will require any $5 buy-in (a pretty small buy-in) your current bank roll must be at the least $100.

Total Bare minimum Charge: $209

African american Friday/The Point out involving On line poker

There is certainly only one function that will transformed online poker over this Moneymaker Consequence: African american Exclusive.

I’m not talking about your day immediately after Thanksgiving, when you attend this local mall along with battle folks pertaining to online game controllers along with hd Tvs.

I’m talking about Apr 15, 2011.

That’s your day that will the government clogged US participants via coming into online poker web site.

dark exclusive wiki

For causes which are however challenging along with ambiguous if you ask me, the government indicted sites like PokerStars, FullTilt, and many various other holdem poker websites pertaining to outlawed betting.

The facts on this function aren’t important (luckily, because it’s a variety of authorized mumbo-jumbo).

The most important thing although, will be that will countless US participants were being maintained from their key income with no caution.

There’s no solution to recognize beyond doubt how quite a few were being creating an income, but we realize that it was more than ever previous to.

After that out of the blue, a single time, it was just about all removed out.

This laws are nevertheless a tad sketchy, but slowly but surely, US participants happen to be capable to locate websites that will allow them to help participate in. This will depend in where you reside, along with which in turn websites you would like to participate in in, but occasionally, US participants may however participate in online poker legitimately.

Closing Judgement?

Regrettably, online poker participants might be prey on the very same type of thing that will affects numerous business people on the web: relying on your earnings into a program anyone don’t manage.

This events involving African american Exclusive high light most significant difficulty with generating income online.

You will find any thousand “Make Cash Online” packages available that will appear pretty good. Nevertheless, you, like online poker, quite a few are usually be subject to someone else’s guidelines.

Tips on how to stay away from that will dilemma and still earn money online?

You need to do the item in website that you just individual along with manage. It’s like owning electronic real estate property and create websites. But instead involving paying $100k+ for just a personal loan along with an additional $2k/month pertaining to storefront rent payments, a business online charges any measly $11/year + $10/month to perform.

If you want actively playing holdem poker you will find there’s massive marketplace pertaining to training, software program acquisitions, information and also engaging written content. People are doing the work along with wonderland basketball currently, exactly why not holdem poker?

In the event you delight in actively playing along with talking about holdem poker you can develop a website and turn a joint venture partner pertaining to companies that will offer issues related to holdem poker. One of these involving this can be a Online poker Tracker software program. It is a thing that every player requires.

In case you have an internet site that will allows beginner participants, then you add this tool to them, that they will automatically obtain the item therefore you have a portion on the sale made.

Regardless of what you enjoy performing — holdem poker, shows, developing rooster coops — the easiest method to generate income by it online will be through online marketing.

I managed to get started in online marketing as a result of Rich Affiliate marketer. It’s simple to become a member of that has a COST-FREE starter account along with study on us, and the very same those who helped us. They’ve already many course, online video media instruction, participant sites along with are living chitchat so you can get aid promptly anytime you’ll need the item.

Online Casinos

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